About Amanda Dieck

Amanda Dieck of Bay Area Singing LessonsAmanda Dieck has appeared with Bay Area companies such as the San Francisco Opera, San Francisco Pocket Opera, San Francisco Lyric Opera and Golden Gate Opera, The Marin Theatre Company and Broadway By the Bay.

Currently she works professionally as a studio vocalist and performs with bands such as:  Diva’s of the Decades, The T Clemente Band, GundackerThe Garage Band, The Cheese Balls, The Big Dig, Savoir Faire, The Element, and The Switch. Last year she toured Europe with The T Clemente Band and will be returning again in 2016 for the festival season.  Amanda is currently in the studio completing four different CD’s projects and looks forward to their releases in the summer.

Amanda started teaching private vocal lessons 17 years ago and is currently going to school to get her masters in music therapy. She has worked with the Marin Theater Company as the musical director for the
MTC summer youth production “Snoopy” and the teen musical production of “The Wiz” as well as teaching at Almaden Country School, Campbell Community Center, Mulberry School, the Old Mill, Park School and
Discovery Charter School. While Amanda specializes in singing she has also taught dance and theater for over 10 years.

As a teacher Amanda is classically trained but has sought out multiple vocal teaching techniques striving to provide the best possible teaching style for her students. Currently she is studying with one of the most well known voice based teachers in the nation.

Amanda has worked with all vocal skill levels and specializes in vocal health and performance delivery with a special focus on learning to overcome stage fright. She also emphasizes: sight reading, breath control, diagnosis and correction of vocal faults, vocal stylization and finding “your own” voice. As a teacher she is passionate, energetic and always searching for new ways to help her students meet their goals. Take a free voice lesson with Amanda.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who do you work with?
A: I work with beginners to advanced professionals.

Q: How are your lessons structured?
A: You may be having some specific vocal problems or may want to expand your capabilities. The lessons are tailored to meet your needs and goals. I believe in providing complete support. This includes the development of natural vocal technique as well as skills in performance and recording.

Q: How do I start lessons?
A: Start with a consultation free of charge. Voice lessons are too personal to choose from just a phone call. I like to make sure that I am the right person to help you reach your goals.

Q: What does the consultation consist of?
A: The consultation gives you the opportunity to meet me. You will be asked about your lesson goals and invited to ask any questions about our approach. I will take your through some breathing and vocal “tests” to see where you are. Once the consultation is complete, you should feel confident in your decision that I am the right teacher for you.

Q: How long will it take?
A: Everyone’s body and body awareness is different. Some people will see immediate results while others will take a few weeks. If someone is promising overnight results, chances are they won’t be healthy or permanent results.


Hey Amanda I’ve been meaning to tell you this but with being sick and the move it’s been a crazy couple weeks here but I wanted to make sure you know this before it’s too late! I want to thank you for being an amazing instructor, I really have no words to describe how lucky I feel to have had you guide me in my path to becoming the singer I’ve always wanted to be. You have increase my self confidence and have been nothing but an all around positive influence in my life. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you as a person and I’m 100% sure all your students feel the same way about you. Please never stop doing what you do, and hopefully we can stay in contact! 🙂

My favorite teacher is my singing teacher Miss Amanda. She’s amazing she made my life wonderful. First of all I’d like to tell you how this amazing teacher looks like. First her hair is blonde. She wears her hair in a bun. Next her lips make the most amazing sound. Then her eyes are sky blue. Now that you know what an amazing teacher looks like. Now I’d like to show you how she looks like in the inside. First Miss Amanda taught me how to sing. She said to always follow your heart. Her intelligences helped me to be myself. Finally Miss Amanda helped me follow my heart. My favorite memory is my first day at her studio.

Hi, Amanda, We certainly enjoyed the recital yesterday. All of the students did well and seemed comfortable. It was a very positive event. Thank you for teaching Morgan and for inspiring self-confidence. Her family was very proud of her yesterday. She felt good about herself and her performance (The song was just perfect for her). Thank you so much for all that you have done for her.

Pat White, grandma

Working with Amanda has changed the life of my vocal performance. The skills that she taught me extend beyond just my voice, I am a more confident performer. I am more in control of my voice, and better able to access my full range. Amanda gives me her full attention when she’s working with me. She takes notes each week on what I’ve done and what I need to improve. She pushes me to be my best. She is positive and encouraging while while maintaining good constructive criticism. As someone who uses their voice as their profession I could not ask for a better vocal coach.

Paige Gibbons

I have been a professional musician for over a decade, and while playing bass and guitar came naturally to me, my singing abilities most certainly did not! I have never liked my tone, and I knew by breath control needed help in a major way. When I was gently persuaded to see Amanda for lessons, I honestly didn’t think that she could help me much. Boy was I ever wrong. While her techniques to me seemed totally unrelated to singing at first, I followed them and had faith that they were indeed helping. I would say that In a month I started to notice some rather big improvements with my tone and pitch. Her techniques even improved my speaking voice! In addition to being extremely knowledgeable and talented, Amanda is also a fantastic person who makes you feel immediately comfortable, which for me is a big help since I HATED singing in front of people. If you are looking for great vocal instruction, and if you’re even a little shy like I am, you can’t find a better teacher.

Steve Glaze, FinalMix Studio

I’ve always been in awe of talented individuals who can get up and perform in front of an audience. Musicians in particular, have always had the ability to move my soul and I have always had a secret desire to learn to sing and play the guitar but I have never had quite enough confidence in my abilities. I have only been taking voice lessons from Amanda Dieck for a few months and have already noticed huge improvements in both my vocal abilities as well as my confidence level. She provides a wonderful sense of reassurance that makes singing fun not intimidating. Amanda has a highly trained ear and can provide you with the feedback you need to remain confident while improving your singing voice.

Rachel Richards

Even though I’ve been singing professionally for years, I still check in with Amanda every time I’m needed in the recording studio. It’s good to have the refresher and to help me feel solid on stuff before I go in to record.

Amanda Shelby

I’ve been coming to see Miss Amanda since I was five in the group classes. Now, I’m 8 and I love coming to my singing classes, they are always fun and miss Amanda is the best teacher. I even like music theory sometimes.


I came to Amanda with some reservations about singing lessons having had some bad experiences in the past but I could tell from our first meeting that she was well educated in regards to the voice and explained things in great detail. I was very impressed and continue to be so.

Jonathan Miller

Thank you for letting my daughter participate in the open mic even though she is no longer a student. I wanted to let you know that even though it has been a year she still loves to sing and all of the tools and the way you taught her gave her the foundation to continue singing and improving. She loves you and it is so nice for you to let us come.