Singing Lesssons

Introduction to singing in the Studio

Have you ever wondered what some of the trade secrets were for singing in a studio?  How come some people sound so intimate while others are able to produce a sound that comes through powerfully even through the speakers of your home? Students will be given an overview of the recording studio with detailed instruction on what the studio has to offer the vocalist and how to best utilize the tools available to the recording artist. Students will also be able to record a one take rough song to take home and analyze.

Recording in the Studio

Students will be given an hour private time with a vocal coach and recording engineer and learn secret tricks to vocal recording in the studio.  Various vocal techniques will be explored as well as an opportunity to record a song.

Private Recording Studio Coaching

Students will be given private coaching and a personal engineer for their specific songs.

Two-Week Rock Band Summer Camp

Students will learn performance and vocal techniques with the experience of a live band backing them up.  Performance on final day!

Auditioning for Musical Theater

Students will learn the do’s and do not’s with audition for musical theatre and fine-tune their skills.  Participation requires selection and performance of monologues, songs and dance.

Overcoming Stage Fright

A step-by-step guided group adventure ending with a performance for those who are comfortable.  Students will begin in class discussing the causes of stage fright and how to overcome them successfully.  Students will excel at their own pace.

Performance Development

Students will be given tools and guided in how to better perform.

Singing with a Band

Students will have the opportunity to learn the skills needed to sing live with a band.